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PostPosted: Sun Oct 07, 2007 12:12 pm 
Mega Chuck Norris
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We've created this forum so we can talk about people we scrim, post pics of results, etc. I want it to be well organized.

To start with, if you think they were hacking, take your demoes to the hacker section of our forums. DO NOT ACCUSE IN THIS SECTION OR IN THE SERVER BEFORE/DURING/AFTER THE SCRIM! Play it out and act like they were legit. Its better than just starting shit with them and adding to the drama. Stay mature and be happy knowing we're legit and having fun.

We want to keep our stuff well organized. Please keep track of your demos guys.

Don't bait your teammates. Work together to take enemies out.

Think before you throw. Do not flash your teammates without warning. Give them warning.

Don't throw an HE if your teammates are rushing into your nade's target area, and if you do, hope it doesn't hit them. TK's are the most embarassing accidents we can have.

When we accept a scrim, we need to have all players READY TO PLAY in TS in the scrim channel.

DO NOT TALK IF YOU ARE DEAD unless it is in game or you are giving a neccessary report to your alive teammates. Don't scream directions at them.

Listen to strat caller, and do not talk while strats are being called before the start of every round.

Record demoes of every scrim you play on. And keep GOOD track of them, and the dates they were played on.

After a scrim, someone with screenshots of scores after both halves, please post pictures of the results, and steam ID's you played against.

www.imageshack.us is a good place to host photos. What i do is crop them down in paintbrush, just so we see the server name, the pings, and all the scores. Then save both bitmaps of each half's scores and save them on the desktop. upload them onto imageshack, then post them here.

read the name of the post as well, it named exactly what it was, 4v4, what team, and scores.

Keep a seperate folder somewhere to move the demos of you scrimming into so we can keep track of them.
When you record a demo, it should be titled vsclanname.
For example, "record vsrockout" or "record vsskeet"
so in your czero folder, you'll have "vsrockout.dem" or "vsskeet.dem" etc, that you can move into a seperate folder with the screenshots from that scrim.

I have a scrim folder on my desktop. Inside that, after every scrim, i'll make folders named after the clan we scrimmed against and the date of the scrim. For example "Virus 8-03", since it was august 3rd.

In each of those folders should be (in a perfect world): screenshots of scores after each half, your demo, and screenshot of steam id's of all players, all coming from your czero folder.

Thanks for your patience guys. Lets pwn noobies.

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Post new topic This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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