Server Rules (L4D MOTD) and Map Downloads
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Author:  ColeLT1 [ Thu Jul 16, 2009 2:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Server Rules (L4D MOTD) and Map Downloads


Join the Splak steam group, this is where we will make certain quick announcements about games starting/new server to test, etc.

Welcome to The .:Splak| Clan Server.

L4D Server IPs:
Standard 4v4:

L4D2 Server IPs:
Modded 8v8 server:
Standard server:

First, make sure your console is enabled (just like all other source games), go to options, keyboard/mouse, enable developer console.

If you want to join a specific server (and no friend is in there)
connect "ip":"port" (for example connect

If you want to favorite a server, type openserverbrower in console, then you will be able to see your history, favorites, etc.

Respect Admins, Members, and All Players
No Hax, Cheats, Exploits, or Scripts that give you an unfair advantage
No disgusting sprays
Team Killing and Suicide are Not Tolerated
Report Admin Abuse on Forums Only If You Were Not Warned
If You Ignore Admins or members, You Will Be Kicked/Banned.
Don't Mic Spam or Vocalize Spam

For recruitment go to:
Sign up for the forums, read the recruitment post,
and follow the directions


We are a gaming community with variety of servers for everyone to enjoy. If you want a Splak server to be set up in any game, join our forums and suggest it. We run our servers on our own hardware so it is easy for us to add another server if you ask.


List of servers:

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