ubuntu box wont POST after outage?
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Author:  VMAN [ Sat Mar 03, 2012 2:50 am ]
Post subject:  ubuntu box wont POST after outage?

Today it was raining here and we had a brief power outage (like 3 or 4 seconds). I went to go reboot all my machines. They all came up just fine, all except my file server which is like the heart of my network lol.

Specs on it:
Corsair CX430 PSU (V1, shitty PSU that I got when it was new)
G.Skill 1gb Ram
Intel D510MO Mini-ITX Desktop Board
160gb WD SATA OS drive
320gb WD SATA file drive

When I first went to boot it up, it seemed to be working fine. It is running headless, so I just push the button and leave it. I tried to SSH into it later in the night and got a timeout so I knew something was wrong. I hooked it up to a keyboard and monitor and my monitor stayed in sleep mode. Tried rebooting a few more times and it still wouldn't POST. The MoBo has a little green light that is still on. I hear the disks move when I boot, and the NIC activity lights blink so I'm pretty confident that my motherboard was not affected.

I'm not too worried about data loss at this point because I had it backup to Amazon S3 every night anyways. Its just a matter of getting it back online because I have pretty much ALL my stuff on it lol (SAMBA shares).

I'm thinking it is the PSU (V1 has some shitty reviews). The PSU was hooked up to a surge suppressor along with my other two PCs (which are fine). I don't have a different PSU to test with so I was planning to buy another (better) one. Just wanted to get some input before I do that.

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