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PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2013 8:42 pm 
of the Four Horsemen.
of the Four Horsemen.
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[This is actually LoL related. I posted this on reddit, it describes the nature of Cho'gath as though we are immersed in the League of Legends world]:


Cho'gath, the rare beast of The Void, who has fascinated me in many ways which originally I never dared to think of as a child but shoulders me now as a warm quilt of evil that surrounds me lightly - which has always surrounded me - and surrounds the seemingly innocent reality that pervades around us (though I have never bared witness of it's true nature or form) has become the foundational arbiter of evil. Although Cho'gath remains a mystery to us all, it's essence becomes prevalent even through our ordinary reality. In a different context, as the shadow of your form accompanies you from your day-to-day existence, so does the natural formless essence of the beast pervade through us all. By it's very nature, the soft energetic and formless field of invisible fabric flows through all matter and life.
What can be seen in the documented discussions of Cho'gath's forms is merely a concentration gradient of the dark field of energy that has manifested itself into form. To what degree and for what reason the imbalance has shifted precludes me, what has become seemingly obvious IS the fact that the energy of creation and destruction has shifted from one side to the other.

Reports from the Solari refer to their ancient founder to represent an opposite side of the coin: an individual of pure light and energy that rivals even the Sun - the followers of the Solari tradition view their Sun God as the highest pinnacle of truth. If we can then view this Sun God as one side of a coin from a neutral standpoint, is it then possible to see the perspective and views of Malzhar whom many have discredited for worshiping these Voidborn as his own truth? In natural law, it is impossible to say that forces of destruction hold greater power over creation or vice versa, and yet the balance between the two has shifted paradoxically throughout time as though one could ever hold an advantage over the other permanently. These laws of nature keep these two forces from ever truly dominating the other, perhaps through diffusion - which would explain the slow process of the act of balancing.

In modern context, the energy field of Cho'gath has grown stronger perhaps due to a need to correct an imbalance. In historical mythology, it is said that angels would have acted on the behalf of political figures who've caused great destruction. Their motives were that due to an influx in the population, a sacred cleansing was needed to wipe away the population in order for it to begin a new in a more grand context. Although this is speculation, the rising threat of Cho'gath's power holds fact in our basis of reality. Dark energy is a necessary component in life that flows through us all. It has now become almost like a black hole now though as it has become concetrated drastically in a certain area, and in that concentration of dark energy is where the beast has manifested itself; it is not Cho'gath who is the cause of it, but rather the dark force of destruction that has delivered itself into form. And where that concentration of energy flows is where I believe our fate will be dictated. Like a black hole whose power is able to pull even light into it's grasp... the essence of Cho'gath can be felt very slightly tugging us gently toward it, residing in a destination unknown except to the devoured themselves "The Arbiter of Hell," was once exclaimed by a former colleague of mine in my studies of natural law, and by it's grand power it may very well be the beast of Hades himself who has incarnated himself unto our reality.


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